The Sequel to the Sequel (Hat)

A long time ago, May 31, 2010, in fact, I wrote a post about the Sequel hat, a hat I had worn and loved for many years. I was sad because this hat was wearing out, the foil on the crown was peeling off, and the manufacturer had retired and wasn’t making hats anymore. Then my dear friend Jacky made a replacement hat for me, attaching a bandana kerchief onto a baseball cap with Velcro-type hooks and loops fastening. This hat worked, but the kerchief, like the cotton scarf on the original hat, trapped warm air. That was  nice on a cold day but uncomfortable in sun.

The beloved old hat, soft scarf, foil crown

The beloved old Sequel hat, soft scarf, foil crown


New Hat, Bandanna Attached with Velcro

New Hat, Bandanna Attached with Velcro

Alas, an accident happened to the bandana hat. We had been hiking in Arches and Canyonlands National Parks, where I had been feeling miserable, achy,  shaky, and uninterested in food (sure sign of illness). I had the hat when we drove to Grand Junction,  Colorado, to spend the night in a motel near the airport. When we got home, no hat, and I had pneumonia. I tried other hats, but they just didn’t work as well. Then this winter I found a new hat! The SUN DAY AFTERNOONS hat is even better, if you can believe it, than the Sequel hat. It’s made of very light weight polyester which is softer and cooler than Sequel’s scarf, and it drapes more fluidly than the bandana kerchief. Instead of the foil on the crown there are vents on either side to keep the top on my head cool, and the three piece scarf amply covers my neck. My hat was made in Vietnam. I have no idea of its US home. I found it at REI in Seattle, but you can find your own on their website

Scarf in Three Parts

Ample Protection on the Back of My Neck

Replacing the Sequel Hat

Notice how the scarf covers my neck front and back.

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  1. More on my Sun Day Afternoon hat! I found its US home! There is a Sun Day Afternoon shop in Ashland Oregon, that has many find hats for men and women. I went in wearing my hat, and guess what, they owned it but they didn’t have any more like mine.

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