Reserve Your Summer Campsite NOW

Helping set up the tent.

Two of my favorite places to camp are salt-water beach state parks, Deception Pass State Park in Washington State and Jesse M. Honeyman State Park in Oregon. These two parks, like other very popular camping parks, fill up very quickly. It’s not too soon to think about making reservations for the park you plan to camp in next summer. Both Washington and Oregon parks take reservations up to nine months in advance. Are you planning your vacation for July or August of 2010? Do the math. Your camp is already filling up. The situation in other states is probably similar. Go to the website of the state where you plan to camp and find out what the restrictions are for advance reservations (e.g., how do they treat no-shows and cancellations) and how to make a reservation.

Are you not sure where you want to camp next summer? Now is the time to start your research. Contact the tourism office of the states you are considering visiting (every state has an office of tourism, it’s big business) and have them send you information on camping in their state. Better yet, have them send it to your kids. Let the kids read the material or look at the pictures, and help choose the place for your next vacation. There’s lots of detailed advice for planning in CAMPING WITH KIDS. Happy Camping!

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