Goldie’s Birthday Party at Schilling Cider House

Goldie's Birthdays PartyThis year I was lucky enough to have my birthday fall on a Wednesday, my hiking day, so I could celebrate with a big group of hiking friends. Mike Cory planned a hike beginning at his house that took us partway around Green Lake and then across Aurora on a bridge to the Zoo. Then we walked through the rose garden and on to Fremont Ave, where we walked down to the Schilling Cider House in Fremont, across the street from Waiting for the Interurban and JP Patches and Gertrude sculptures.

Earlier, Don and I had picked up two great cakes at the QFC bakeshop, Bavarian Fruit Fantasies (that’s what I call them, I don’t know what the baker calls them). These are two layers of white cake with whipped cream between the layers and on the sides, and beautiful glazed fresh fruit on top. We took them to the cider house where Sarah, the manager, stored them in the cooler until lunch. Then we drove to Mike’s house and joined the others for the walk. When everyone was gathered, Sarah poured and everyone tried all the ciders of their choice, to go along with their brown bag lunches and the beautiful cakes.

Isn’t that a great way to celebrate an 83rd birthday? Sheila Cory took the picture with her cell phone. That’s Sarah, the manager, in a black shirt, high up at the top of the crowd. Did I mention that she’s our granddaughter?

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