One More Comment on Public Transportation

The Laurelhurst Blog picked up my posts on public transportation and re-published them, and one of their readers, Larry, was kind enough to comment on them. He pointed out some mistakes that I had made, and thought that Children’s Hospital would not be happy that we had parked in their lot. Here’s my response to Larry:

“Thank you, Larry, for responding to my posts on public transportation. I have had an ORCA card for some time but rarely used it, and didn’t know about the two hour window when I could ride different systems without paying again. So I think you’re saying that when we went to Redmond from a Metro #32 bus to a  Sound Transit bus, the whole trip was covered by the first swipe of my ORCA Senior card? If that’s true, then that’s good news.

“As far as parking at Children’s Hospital, the first time we parked in their lot we called security beforehand to ask permission, and we were told, fine, no problem. The second trip we found a space on the street, and the third time their lots were full. But in spite of what security told us, I’m not comfortable parking in their lots and try to discourage my associate from doing that.”

So thanks to Larry, here’s what I know now: when I swipe my card for the first bus or train, whether it’s Metro or Sound Transit, I’m covered for up to two hours of travel on those two systems–but not for the Monorail! However, Larry said I could get off the train at Westlake and take a Rapid Ride bus–those are the red ones–on 3rd Avenue that will take me to Seattle Center at no additional charge.

I think this is the end of posting about public transportation. Next I want to write about old love letters.

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