Six Weeks Plus Post-Injury

So when I last posted six weeks ago, I left you in suspense. I had finally found an orthopedic doctor who looked at hamstring injuries. (Can you believe that I had to call three orthopedic groups before I found one that took care of torn hamstrings?) He confirmed that I had a torn hamstring, and he advised me to use my crutch on the opposite side of the injured leg–swing the crutch forward at the same time as my leg moved forward. I already knew that! No physical therapy, he said. Gave up the elastic stocking. Spend as much time as possible with my leg raised. Come back in two weeks.

Two weeks later I was back. This time, my leg was still swollen and it still hurt to sit. He sent me off to a vascular surgeon to confirm that I wasn’t developing clots in my leg–I wasn’t–and he said I didn’t need to come back. So for the next two weeks I did my own thing. I walked with and then without the crutch, and watched the purple stains on the back of my leg move down below my knee and finally to my foot. I walked two miles one day, and four miles a week later. Sitting on a hard surface still hurts, but not as much as it did at first. I guess I’m healed. Tomorrow I will re-join my hiking group.

No picture this time, but one nice story. The Oregon Shakespeare Festival scans the web looking for OSF in the news. (Most professional entertainment, etc. organizations do the same.) I received a lovely email from Eddie Wallace, Associate Director of Communications, praising my resilience in coming to Ashland in the face of my injury, and thanking me for the good things I had said about the helpful staff at OSF. What a great gesture amidst the pain!

And that’s the end of my hamstring story.

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