Backpacking With Babies And Small Children is back in print

Backpacking With Babies And Small Children, which has been out of print for many years, has been re-issued as An Authors Guild Edition by iUniverse. Look for it from iUniverse, Amazon, or Barnes & Noble. Like Camping With Kids (Wilderness Press), which is still available,  Backpacking With Babies contains the wisdom of many, many camping and backpacking families. The phone numbers and URLs may be no longer viable, but the information on How To Backpack and Camp and keep the whole family safe and happy is ageless and universal. The new edition is an exact replica of the third edition, except for the new cover and new photo opposite the title page.

Backpacking With Babies And Small Children was first published in 1975 by Signpost Publications, the book division of Signpost, the news magazine for hikers in the Northwest that later evolved into Washington Trails Association. The idea for the book came from Louise Marshall, the founder of both Signpost and WTA. When that first edition went out of print, the book was taken over by Wilderness Press of Berkeley, CA, which brought out both the second edition (1986, re-printed in ’88, ’91, and ’94) and the third edition (1998). Then it went out of print until rescued as An Authors Guild Edition.

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