My Lovely Young Granddaughter, the Star Wars Scout Trooper

Sarah With Teaser, the Space-y Cat

Beautiful Sarah, Unmasked

At the Top! They Rock!

She did it! My love ly young granddaughter, and members of Garrison Titan, climbed 69 stories, 1311 steps, at the Columbia Tower, Seattle’s tallest building, to participate in THE BIG CLIMB on March 21, 2010. Here’s what she said: “We provided moral support and water to the climbers at the start of the troop, and eventually it was our turn to do the climbing! 1311 steps in just under 45 minutes.”

It was not just for fun. The climbers raised funds for research for Leukemia and Lymphoma. My granddaughter’s group raised over $700. I pledged one dollar per floor.

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