Odor Beaters, Stinky Tents, and Urethane

One big tent, hanging in the garage

We own three tents. In recent years, as backpackers, we have been using only two of them. (See the larger of the two, the red tent behind me in the picture at the About Goldie page, taken at Crystal Lakes in Mt. Rainier National Park.) The third tent, an orange 5′ x9′ nylon camping tent coated with urethane waterproofing, remained rolled up and dry on a shelf in our store room. Last summer we took it out for two nights of car camping with our youngest grandchild. Ugh! The smell was awful, like stale urine! We set the tent up in the backyard in the sun for a few days, which helped a little, but it still stank. Not feeling like investing in a new tent, we took it with us, left all the vents open and spent as little time in it as possible. (Grandchild wouldn’t set foot in it, but stayed in her parents’ tent.) Now the grandchild wants to camp again next summer. Don consulted some sporting goods store clerks who said it is not the urea that smells but mildew under the urea. Don said he is familiar with mildew, and he’s sure the odor is urea. So he went on line, looking for products that get rid of dog and cat urine odors, and asked, “Is your product something that can remove this odor and make our tent livable again?”

Jodi Cole from BioFOG answered that their product SCOE10X  will eliminate the urea odor from our tent, but if it is a mildew odor SCOE10X is not formulated to treat mold/mildew odors. The best treatment for that is to use a solvent like denatured alcohol.

Don wrote back. If he decided to treat for urea odor and mildew odor both, which should he do first? And Jody answered, SCOE10X  will always need to be used as a pre-treatment to any other product.

So Don ordered the BioFOG product and soaked our big tent in a plastic tub for 45 minutes . Then he hung it up to dry in our garage, where it is still hanging, and might be hanging until we go camping next summer. See the picture. And it doesn’t stink anymore! Yea, Don! Yea, Jodi! Yea, BioFOG! You can find the product at: http://scoe10x.com.

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  1. my camping tent is a cheap, made in china stuff but this tent is also very durable.;,

  2. admin says:

    Take good care of your tent, and it will last a long time. For starters, don’t store it folded or rolled up. It’s best to store it hanging up. We’re lucky that our garage has a high ceiling and we can hang our tents there.

  3. camping tents with polyurethane fabric can withstand the water and snow much better than vinyl .:~

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