Give Kids A Camping Gift

With the December holidays approaching, the camping season may seem a long way off, but a gift that anticipates the coming adventures will help the long wait go faster.

One fine gift for a young camper, either a boy or a girl, would be a first rucksack, a small pack full of important camping gear. There are whole lot of things you might put into the rucksack, depending on the child’s age and interests. Consider a bandanna in the youngster’s favorite color, a water bottle, a sun hat or sun glasses, an “ouch pouch” (a few bright band-aids and a small tube of first aid cream), or a “bathroom bag” (a supply of toilet paper, a plastic bag for used toilet paper, and a few moist towels).

Then there could be fun things–a small plastic magnifying glass for looking at bugs and leaves; a pair of inexpensive, easy-to-use binoculars; a camera; or a notebook for keeping track of discoveries. The child who had been taught the proper use of a knife could even receive a small jackknife.

The rucksack you choose should have wide, comfortable shoulder straps and an opening/closing system easy for little fingers to manipulate. Be sure that the sack is not so large that it drags the child down, but not so small that there’s no room left inside for a snack or a light jacket.

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