Add To Your List Of Camping Indispensables: Dental Floss

You probably already carry dental floss along with your toothbrush and toothpaste in your hygiene necessities kit, but did you know that dental floss, in an emergency (like forgetting to bring a knife), can also be a cutting tool?

That’s right, dental floss will slice through butter, cheese, a soft fruit like a peach or a nectarine, or even a loaf of bread. My daughter told me that she once cut up a watermelon, using dental floss. If the item you’re cutting has a tough skin or rind, like a tomato or a melon, you may need to break through the skin just a bit to get the cut started. You can use a plastic spoon or fork to make the initial break, or a very clean fingernail.

If the item to be cut is square, like a brick of cheese, hold one end of a short length of floss in each hand and cut straight down. It the item is round, like a tomato, wrap the dental floss around the item that needs cutting, cross the ends, and pull. Even young children can safely slice cheese when they do it with dental floss. And while unflavored dental floss would seem to be best, the mint flavored kind I used this afternoon to slice tomatoes and nectarines left no trace of “mintiness” on the fruit.

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  1. Susan & Alan says:

    Alan’s cousin owned a cheesecake bakery in Rochester NY (called Cheesy Eddie’s) — and he swore by dental floss for cutting cheesecake. I never thought of taking it camping to cut fruits and cheeses!

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