Hiking Close to Home–U Village and Laurelhurst

The day before Thanksgiving. I was trying to think of a walk for my walking group that would be in-town, easy to follow, and as short or long as we each chose to make it, with several options for returning to our cars. Here is the plan I came up with:
  • Meet at the University Village near the bronze cows (park somewhere that doesn’t limit parking to 90 minutes)s.
  • Walk south on Montlake Way to UW parking lots that give access to wetlands behind stadium, and follow shoreline. Look for birds and ducks in the water.
  • Continue to Urban Horticulture Center–first opportunity to turn back–turn left on Union Bay Place (or Mary Gates Drive) to return to U Village.
  • Continue on NE 41st to next wetland, and walk around as far as path and mud allow. Continue to Surber Drive; turn back here if you wish.
  • Or, follow Surber to W Laurelhurst Drive and continue right around the peninsula to E Laurelhurst Drive and then back to 47th NE.  Another turn back op is to go up the 47th NE hill and then back down 38th NE to Urban Horticulture Center.
  • Or, from 47th NE and NE 38th continue one short half-blockto 47th Place NE, turn almost completely around and circle to 48th NE. Walk north on 48th NE admiring the views until you reach Laurelhurst Park. Turn left here on either NE 41st or north of the park on NE 45th.  Another opportunity to turn back to your parked car.
  • Or, take 48th NE and 47th NE to Sand Point Way, find the bridge at Princeton Ave, find the Burke Gillman Trail under the bridge, and return to University Village.

That’s the walk we took the day before Thanksgiving, but hey, folks, it works any day of the year, and back at the village reward yourself with a cuppa or something good to eat.

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