Deadhorse Canyon–Tell Yourself You’re in the Mountains

Walkie Talkies at Deadhorse Canyon

When the snow began to fall in the mountains and I grudgingly evolved from mountain hiker to city walker, I  tried to find a transitional hike for the Walkie-Talkies, my weekly hiking group, to make the switch to urban hiking easier. Deadhorse Canyon, part of Seattle’s Lakeridge Park, gives the illusion of walking through a forest with a stream, Taylor Creek. Our group met at another city park, Beer Shevah Park at S. Seward Park Road and S. Henderson St., but we could just as easily have added mileage by meeting at Seward Park. We walked south on Seward Park Road to 57th and crossed the street to turn onto Waters Ave. (I  chose Waters rather than the parallel Rainier Ave because Rainier is very busy and doesn’t have sidewalks.) We walked on Waters to Holyoke Way, a street with no sidewalks that runs sharply downhill.


Fallen leaves in Deadhorse Canyon

The entrance to Deadhorse Canyon is at the bottom of the hill. We walked through the canyon and out again, admiring the big old trees, listening to the little creek, pretending we were in the mountains. Then we walked a long block to Rainier Ave S to have lunch at Pulcinella Pizza. Great pizza, and as a special treat, because someone was having a birthday, we had a pizza blank topped with whipped cream and chocolate and caramel syrups. After lunch, we returned as we came to Beer Sheva Park. It is approximately 1.4 miles from Beer Shevah Park to the  canyon entrance, where the trail is 1.2 miles long, making it 3.8 before lunch, and 1.4 miles back to the  cars, 5.2 miles, a good city walk!

Look at the pictures! Can’t you imagine we’re high in the mountains?

Thank you Mike C for the great photos!






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