Lexington Herald-Leader Review of Camping With Kids

Camping With Kids, published by Wilderness Press

Written by a grandmother and former teacher, Camping with Kids, published by Wilderness Press, is a complete guide to car, tent and RV camping.

Author Goldie Silverman covers everything in five chapters that parents should know about taking the family camping, including how to prepare, where to go (and not go), what to pack, what to do in camp and how to handle situations that go awry. There’s even information on recreational activities that go well with camping such as canoeing, hiking, bicycling and horseback riding.

The 6- by 9-inch softcover ($16.95) has 252 pages, including index, and is illustrated with black-and-white photographs that give readers a feel for the joys of camping with youngsters.

Silverman dispenses advice (for kid and parent campers) and offers encouragement on how to prepare for trips, with tips on getting organized (with checklists), and keeping the kids involved with running a camp.

“I believe that food cooked outdoors always tastes better, and a sleeping bag under the stars is the best of all beds,” Silverman wrote. “I am writing this book to share with others my love of a simple life spent outdoors, in hopes that they will share this life with their children.”

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